T.V. Dinners and Toasty Warm

January 20, 2011


I was scrambling to get things done at work before Lloyd came to pick me up, and looked up at the clock and it was 6:20. “Hmmmm…. that’s odd. He’s a bit late.” I went to get my phone to call and suddenly realized that it was Discover Lincoln Lutheran night. (Spoiler: it’s on 56th street)


I’d have to walk home. It’s not really a problem – I like walking home, and tonight I was crazy-prepared because I had brought my snow pants for recess! Woo-hoo! I bundled up and set out. I even stopped at the store and treated myself to a t.v. dinner. Yes, they’re terrible for you, but I secretly love having bad Thanksgiving dinner within minutes. Minutes, I say!

I was wallowing in house-to-myself-and-NBC-has-all-new-shows happiness so much, I decided to not take off my snowpants. It’s 10:15 p.m. as I write this, and I might just wear them to bed.

Under those socks are some shockingly weird feet.

Ah….. a good night.

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7 Responses to “T.V. Dinners and Toasty Warm”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I love having a Treat Night. But my favorite bad-for-you dinner is a box or bag of cookies.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Those look like super-thick snowpants. Is that a Bomgaars, Menards, or Cabela’s purchase?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I had a very similar evening…I had potato wedges for dinner with salt & watched all the new shows too! But I didn’t have on snow pants.

    (and I can tell by your sock formation that your feet are not shockingly weird!)


  4. Gretchen Said on:

    Love the Turkey TV dinner! As a kid when we got to choose whatever we wanted to eat for dinner (that meant my Dad was working late) I always chose TV dinners. Oh, the memories…


  5. Jane Sommerer Said on:

    They look pretty warm, Lauren. They would make me hot in the house. Did you get the snow we got??


    • Lauren Said on:

      We got a fair amount of snow on Thursday afternoon and a half-inch or so today. I like it though, since it makes it feel like it’s actually winter.


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