Yay, Pretend Elvis!

February 12, 2011


Lloyd and I actually went out Saturday night! My friend Kate suggested that we all go see an Elvis impersonator at the Pla Mor Ballroom, so we did. It was us, Kate, John, Annette, a room full of estrogen-loaded women, and a reborn King.

It. Was. Awesome.

I was a little worried, because at the beginning it felt a little like karaoke night where one guy won’t give up the mike, but as the evening went on, he proved his worth. His name is Joseph Hall, and he was on America’s Got Talent and will soon be having his own show in Branson.

Lloyd was most impressed with how Joseph changed his mannerisms during each set. His 50’s Elvis wasn’t doing 70’s Elvis moves, and that was smart.

Since it was Valentine’s Day weekend, he did a bunch of love songs (but not Hound Dog, which upsets me), and gave many presents to the ladies. During ‘Teddy Bear’ he threw bears into the audience. Not real bears – that would have been awkward. Then he sang while he handed each of us a rose.

That's Annette getting the rose and Kate's beautiful curly hair.

My rose fell on the floor as he was handing it to me, but he lovingly picked it up and dusted it off on his lapel. swoon I’ll have to tell him I’m married, dang it.

It was pretty fun. As I watched these older ladies storm the stage during the ‘passing out of the pink scarves’ phase of the program, I wondered if they will be having similar Justin Bieber impersonators in 50 years or so? (Probably not. No one else could pull off that hair.)

I'm grateful he didn't wear a fat suit.

And, I am contractually obligated to say this due to my wedding vows, Lloyd does a better Elvis impersonation than Joseph Hall.

Sorry, Joseph.

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6 Responses to “Yay, Pretend Elvis!”

  1. Beth Said on:

    Does that mean Lloyd is for hire?

    Because Tara was wanting something fun and different for her bithday this year…

    (Also, that lady behind Annette looks a little hacked-off. Apparently you shouldn’t be takin’ her king’s picture!)


  2. Brad Said on:

    He looks a lot like John Stamos to me. But he sings like Elvis.

    In that Youtube link: “I have shoes older than you.” Ha! I have to remember that line so I can use it in school.


  3. Kristi Said on:

    The Pla-Mor. That’s where Chas and Deborah had their wedding reception, yes? I loved that place!

    And now we know why Lloyd has been letting his hair grow -- he’s working on the Elvis style. I get it.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    WOW! What fun! I would love to do that…my favorite Elvis is the 60’s Elvis, especially his Comeback Show. <strike)HotHound Dog!

    Wait….is that Joseph? or Elvis?



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