Church of Mail

March 16, 2011


Last Saturday I needed to mail some stuff, but we were already in Lincoln. After dropping Lloyd off at his auction I drove to where I though a post office was, but it wasn’t there. Darn aliens.

I stopped at a store and asked where it was, and the very helpful lady gave me some vague directions and instead of asking for more details and – heaven forbid – writing it down, I just smiled, thanked her, and walked out without really remembering what she said.

Darn me.

I drove and drove and wasted some gas and finally stopped at another place and said, “I know there’s a post office around here but I can’t find it.” Fortunately that lady did not tell me that I was already standing in it, but gave wonderfully clear directions that told how to cross the street to find it.

It was worth it.

It was like standing in a greenhouse cathedral.

Seward’s post office is nice and small-town-quaint, but this place was gorgeous. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but maybe next time.

Who’s kidding who? I’ll never find it again.

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6 Responses to “Church of Mail”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Were you even in Nebraska anymore? Maybe you made a quick stop… in the Twilight Zone. (This last sentence is meant to be said in Rod Serling’s voice.)


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Love the title! That is quite the building. And it’s all for mail???


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Beautiful building! I believe one day there will be no more Post Offices or letter carriers. Everything will done via computer. Maybe this Post Office forsees this as well & designed the building to be sold to a church when the time comes.

    Lauren, I thought you might like this:


  4. Jill Said on:

    I wish you knew where that one was. I hate going to the PO, but would totally go if it looked like that. Maybe the kids and I will have to make some PO field trips to find that one. Lamest field trip ever.


  5. Deborah Said on:

    I think you should live there.


  6. Lauren Said on:

    Replying to all:

    Brad: It was very citified and reminded me of how going to the post office in Maryland was quite the ordeal. Nobody was happy.

    Kristi: Thanks, and I KNOW!!!!

    Peggy: *gasp!* I just died of cuteness.

    Jill: As near as I can tell, it is just north of 14th and Highway 2. You turn on some road that starts with a ‘C’ and it’s hidden by trees whenever I look at it.

    Deborah: Don’t think I didn’t think that.


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