Mini Vacation

September 5, 2011


My brother and his family were going to come to visit over the weekend, but their plans changed. Since we saw almost everyone else we knew on Saturday, I told Lloyd we should go somewhere for the rest of the weekend. He suggested the State Fair, I suggested the Arbor Day Farm in Nebraska City.

You might remember that long, long ago I attended a conference there in the middle of winter, and my school’s playground is modeled after theirs. Every time we drive through on the way to Missouri I think that someday we should stop and look around.

We did stop, and it was great! The weather was just perfect – mid-70’s during the day, and in the evening we opened the doors to our little balcony (just a fence across the door, but it was still cool) and it got cold!

We explored the trails Sunday afternoon, and then hung out in the room so I could watch t.v. and Lloyd could nap. Every so often I would spy on the wedding taking shape just outside.

Can you see her shoes?

It was just lovely, but I bet they were a litle cold.

The next day we walked around the property again. Since I took some photos, I’m pretty sure we can write this trip off for our taxes, right?

It's all woodsy like that.

We were not sure what this was for.

The trail is rather educational – this is the place that brought you Arbor Day, after all. There were signs all around to tell you about the bridges, the plants, the animals, and the trees.

It was asking if you should chop the tree down. I answered yes every time.

I retained none of this information.

Some signs were about trees and animals.

Can you see his blue shoes?

All in all, we recommend the experience!

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5 Responses to “Mini Vacation”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Awesome. I used to be a big Arbor Day guy. I’ve let my membership lapse though. That looks like a fun place to stay… walk some trails, watch some TV, spy on a wedding, look at a toad… What else could you want?


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I see that one bridesmaid is without shoes. Did the bride steal hers?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Are you sitting in Momma Bear’s chair?

    That looks like a very pretty place!


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a fun day.

    P. S. I tried to reset my gravatar. Let’s see if it worked…


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