An unholy union

December 14, 2011


The kids and I are making our Christmas hallway mural again this year. We start with black paper and paint stars on it, then add hills and valleys, then the buildings of Bethlehem, etc. etc.

The yesterday we made sheep. Sheep are crazy easy. I draw a cloud-ish shape, they cut it out (it doesn’t matter if they stay on the lines), then glue on some pre-cut heads and legs. Done.

Baaa. Baaa, I say.

Of course, I am totally on board with the ‘place stuff however you want’ theory of art. (Though this is really a craft.)

That makes my neck hurt just looking at it.

Today we made a few shepherds. Circles, triangles – glue together and decorate as you wish. Jack added an esophagus to his, because he has recently learned where milk goes.

That's his tube.

Did you know Wilfred Brimley was a shepherd?

Would you like some Quaker oatmeal with your grass?

And then…..

and then…..

I came back to the table where children had happily been making sheep or shepherds on their own….

and found this mutant.

Oh, the humanity.  The sheepity

After laughing mightily on the inside, I snapped its picture and dried my eyes. Those crazy kids.

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9 Responses to “An unholy union”

  1. Mary Ellen Said on:

    So cute. Here’s some kindergartners’ take on the Nativity.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I hear the term “sheeple” in political articles all the time. I’ve always wondered what that was. Now I know.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    The guy on the right in the 3rd picture looks a little like a Tim Burton creation!

    This whole post made me smile!


  4. Michelle Said on:

    Aaron and I think the last one is a sheep, It’s just from the front view and the little guy is leaning on something.


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