Getting oulder.

June 6, 2012


On Memorial Day weekend I had a moment of weakness and did some internet shopping. I bought two pairs of Crocs shoes for a total of nearly a hundred dollars. Immediately after hitting the ‘confirm’ button I was overwhelmed by remorse, but hey – what’s done is done, and I can always return them, right? (Insert laughter of the lazy person who never returns stuff here.)

More money thoughts: For several weeks now, Lloyd has really wanted to buy the Thermostat To End All Thermostats – one that can be controlled from your iPhone, learns your living habits and adapts thusly, and becomes sentient and takes over your bank account, freezing out your identity. They only carry it at Lowe’s, and he would send me a text each day saying, “Thinking about buying that thermostat today”, but he then showed restraint and not buy it.

Last Saturday we went to go buy this $200 thermostat, but I saw that the price was actually $249 and blurted, “You don’t need that. That’s insane.” His feelings were hurt and no amount of candy-offering could make him feel better. He moped as we left the store, so I relented and said, “Just go get it.” He did, but came dejectedly back to the candy counter and said, “They don’t even have one. It’s just a display box and you have to order it. I don’t need them to order it -I can do it myself.”

Curses!! I could have acted all generous and still have saved the $249!! Dang it all!

He still acted hurt and threw back in my face, “You ordered a hundred dollars worth of shoes! Nobody told you ‘no’.” I answered – in complete truthfulness – “That’s because I don’t tell you about it beforehand. I just do it.”

Then there was a little silence in the car.

For 30 miles.

Anyway, my shoes came today. Yes, they are crocs, but not as crazy as the original ones. One pair is way too big and is going back (I hope), but the others are alright. I think they’ll work out as alternate summer shoes, since Skechers stopped making my sandals.

Funny thing about them: They were made in Boulder, Colorado if you look at the bottom of the right shoe.

Or Oulder, Colorado if you look at the left.

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4 Responses to “Getting oulder.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I think Crocs are hot. And by that I mean they are literally hot. They make my feet warm. I got some Crocs and had to stop wearing them because they made me feel feverish.

    Princess Batman’s expression in the banner picture is hilarious!


  2. Brady G. Said on:

    pretty sure the left one says “made in china”.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Those shoes are sooo cute! Really. And yay for you for splurging on yourself. Your feet will thank you all summer long.

    Great title btw!

    (And I didn’t even notice Princess Batman in the banner picture. When I went back to look after reading Brad’s comment, I laughed outloud!)


  4. Mark Said on:

    They remind you that as one gets oulder, one should be boulder.


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