Dance like nobody’s watching

September 15, 2012


The kittens are gone, and it turns out that I’m ok. I live with a Rich Inner World, which means I often live experiences before they actually happen, and there was a lot of pre-grieving about the kittens going away. We weren’t sure about the exact day that they were leaving, so each night had a lot of ‘this might be the last night together’ kind of sadness, so it was actually a relief when they were really gone. Princess Batman spent a while looking around the room quizzically in a ‘didn’t I have five kids?’ kind of way, but other than that, we’re doing fine. Beth texted that their two had a good, busy day.

On to the post: Saturday night was Homecoming at Lincoln Lutheran, and Lloyd had to chaperone. I went along to shop and mess around in the computer lab. He was in charge of setting up the fog machine, which is a clever assembly of a purchased fog machine, a ruined modified cooler, and a bunch of dry ice. It’s very cool.

It hurts my knees to watch him balance on the stage like that.

The DJ’s were a couple of students who just brought their laptops and hooked them up to the sound system. They were a little late, so Lloyd started the music with his phone. His phone, for cryin’ out loud!

I cracked up on the way home and told him how my big brothers DJ’d the dances when I was in junior high. If memory serves, they brought in crates of records and tapes, and also the big ol’ stereo system to play the songs. They called themselves ‘The Sound Barrier’, and I think that they had shirts made that said, ‘Break the Sound Barrier’, but this was decades ago and my memory is very spotty. I’m sure I was concentrating on hiding my braces-encased giant teeth. It wasn’t too hard, as people were distracted by my enormous glasses and huge permed hair. Plus, I was hiding in the bathroom.

Ahh….. dances….

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4 Responses to “Dance like nobody’s watching”

  1. keren Said on:

    Oh Lauren, I miss you.


  2. Brad Said on:

    It’s weird that everybody carries their music around with them now. You could almost just have a dance where people share earbuds and dance to their own private music. That would look interesting, wouldn’t it?


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Back when I was in junior high, the only DJs were people only on the radio. We had live bands…at every dance. I remember Appaloosa was one of the ‘best’ bands….if they were doing a dance…you went!

    And HA! I looked them up just to see if anything came up & they’re still performing! What the what?!? I don’t know why I was so surprised to see the picture of them now….man, they got old!


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