Boyz ‘n the Toyz

October 15, 2012


Before I begin, I believe that this is the sixth time that Brad and I are posting on the same subject. Finally, our cycles are syncing up.

I came home from work early to have some Brad Time (which is two hours ahead of Pacific Time). We hung out on the playground with Grandpa, Tim and Tara, then Brad took Tara to dance class and brought Tim over to hang out. They spent a little time in the play area upstairs spelling words with some ‘learning’ game Lloyd bought from an auction.

Wally (formerly known as Fivel) helped.


Tim was less than pleased. I don’t know why, though. Wouldn’t he be doing the whole internet a favor if he taught cats how to spell correctly?

Stop stealing my letters!

Sargent Ralph stood watch at the window, keeping away enemy birds and the like.

He's like a meerkat.

…. and tending to his other needs….

At least he's not licking his nether regions, right?

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3 Responses to “Boyz ‘n the Toyz”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That last picture is awesome!

    We were having trouble spelling all the words we wanted to because we ran out of T’s. …and because Wally kept stealing our letters.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    All those pictures are awesome!! You are an excellent photographer Lauren! And your kittens are sooo cute! I wish I had them at my house.

    Now is Sarge, the one with the giant foot, also the one with the hairy eye. It’s ok Sarge, I too have my issues.


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