July 1, 2013


Lloyd and I went to see Man Of Steel Monday night. It was pretty good. Faaaaaaaaaar too long, and with too many ‘never mind all the people that are dying while these two guys destroy the city’ for my taste, but pretty good nonetheless.

I was distracted, though. Early in the movie Clark Kent is a drifting wanderer who looks all scruffy and homeless. ‘Scruffy’ in that he has a beard.

A beard.


A beard.

See, he’s Superman, and nothing can hurt him, yet he has this beard. Bullets bounce off of him, he can walk through fire and emerge unscathed… but a razor is going to take off the beard? What about his fingernails? How does he clip them?

I bet his Krypton mama packed his toiletries. That’s it.

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5 Responses to “Distracting”

  1. Samith Said on:

    That is a very heavily debated topic regarding how does superman shave. The best explanation I read was that he used his heat vision off a mirror to do the shaving. Other explanations include a kryptonite shaver.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I liked this movie a lot better than the other Superman movies. It wasn’t cartoonish. But I was distracted by the destruction of the city too. Thousands and thousands of people would have died in that fight. Superman should have drawn Zod away to a non-populated area.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    My biggest beef with the movie was my beef with all superhero movies. They try to tell too many stories. It just doesn’t work well.

    I was sooooo hoping before the movie that all of the General Zod scenes would be on Krypton and they were just going to set him up for the next movie.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    I liked Superman with the beard! Ha….I never even thought about how he would shave it off…or get his hair cut…or his fingernails. Geez, when he starts growing ear hair he’ll be able to tote people around on them.

    Overall, I liked the movie (although I agree it could have been shorter). I especially liked how they incorporated the “think backs” of Superman’s childhood & teen years with his Earth parents. Of course I’m also in love with Kevin Costner.


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