Jiggety jig

December 27, 2013



…. and we’re back. Merry After-Christmas, everyone! Missouri had some wonderful things and people – let me show you some. The above is the delicious gigantic feast that Lloyd’s mom prepared for the family. That woman is amazing. She can make a spread that rivals Golden Corral without breaking a sweat. Thank you, Jane – it was delicious and your hospitality was delightful!

For Christmas, the adults in Lloyd’s family have a gift exchange – each brings a present that costs $X, we draw numbers, and then go around either opening a present or stealing someone else’s present. This year was funny because almost everyone brought something that they would like to own themselves.

God bless Lloyd – he did the shopping for us this year because I am terrible at it. He bought some book sets (present one) and a cat kit (present two). I stole the cat kit, of course, because in addition to a Litter Genie, cat brush, cat scratching post and catnip toys, it had the one item I actually need: a cat carrier!

After the present opening I took a closer look at the carrier – – – it said ‘size small’.  Um, I wondered if Tall Cat would fit inside.

Once home, it was one of the first things I checked. (By the way, our thanks to Beth for taking such excellent care of them while we were gone!!)

Emme? Room to spare. She has to lie down, but this thing is like a gym bag with a soft little cat bed at the bottom, so it’s all good.


Wally? Yes.




Um, not so much. If you squish him like a loaf of bread and ask him nicely not to move around, he’ll be fine.


Just fine.



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    Haha! The last picture is hilarious!


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