I move differently now.

January 8, 2014


Warning: This may sound complainy, but it’s not. I was just struggling to come up with a topic.

Every since my wrist had that last round of tendonitis and my knees have hurt enough that I went to a presentation on knee pain, I’ve been moving differently. At least, I’m trying to move differently.

I think that a lot of the wrist trouble came from all the lifting at work and, surprisingly, getting 20 cots ready every day. Each cot has a small fitted sheet that has to be put on it, and most of them have fairly tight elastic. 20 times a day I would put three sheet corners on effortlessly and then yank that last one with my left wrist. 20 cots a day, five days a week, for (cough cough) years. Now I push that last corner on. Also, I don’t lift things with my left hand anymore. Old Righty gets to do the work, and if I need two hands, Left Forearm gets to do the job. As a result, my wrist feels pretty dang good.

The knees? Well, I still have some bad habits, but the one good one I’m trying to do is standing up from sitting on the floor differently. I used to just go from down to up, but now there are steps:
Get my feet on the floor (I squat).
Straighten legs as much as possible (I’m still not super flexible) but keep my hands on the floor.
Push off from the floor a little bit.

I may look ridiculous, but it’s easier to get up. Gotta protect that cartilage while I can. I keep hearing Brad’s voice, “Permanent damage! Permanent damage!”

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5 Responses to “I move differently now.”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    That’s great that what you learned is really working! Good for you!

    I have a routine for my bad back. Sit in recliner. Recline.


  2. CousinRachel Said on:

    I am secretly very impressed with the fact that you can still sit on the floor, let alone get up. If I get down on the floor it is pretty much a permanent thing. That is, until someone else can help extract me from the location. And just so you know, getting down to the floor isn’t pretty either. So, for the most part the floor and I don’t meet anywhere other than my feet. I think your floor skills are awesome!


    • Peggy Said on:

      I’m right there with you. I make a groaning sound when I stand up from sitting in a chair.

      You’re amazing Lauren!


  3. Brad Said on:

    Pain is fleeting. Damage is forever.

    I’ve been lifting things differently since 1998. (That’s when I had back surgery. It seems so long ago!) I actually lift with my legs, like they tell you to. It makes a world of difference.


  4. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I am glad you discovered this!
    I volunteer in the Accounting Dept, filing, and have to sit on the floor to file in the bottom three drawers. The gal I work with is ten years younger than me, and she says, “I can’t believe you can get up off of the floor like that.” I use my hands to balance until my legs are straight and then I push up with my hands. Not a problem.


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