Crazy best uke song

February 23, 2007

Journal, Lauren

I can guarantee that most of you won’t make it through ten seconds of watching this video, but I’m posting it anyway. It represents everything free and young in my crusty betraying body!  This is the guy who won a songwriting contest for the movie “Music and Lyrics”.  I know they didn’t use the song in the movie, but he got to go to the movie premeire and have Drew Barrymore carve her name in his ukulele. 

Anyway, I love this song, although at the end it alludes to teenage ‘intimacy’, which bugs me.    My favorite part is at the beginning when he says, “Score one for being us, score zero for being bored.”  It reminds me of a part in one of the Ramona Quimby books where she is doing worksheets and absolutely loves crossing out and circling stuff. On the playground, she gleefully crosses out the pretty girl who won’t let Ramona pull her bouncy curls.  “Circle Ramona! Cross out Susan!”  When arguing with her sister later – same thing:  “Circle Ramona!  Cross out Beezus!”  That is very sastisfying to yell in your heart when you’re ticked off at someone .  “Circle Lauren!  Cross out Lloyd!”

Welcome to my psychosis!

(I don’t know how to make it have a picture.  Sorry.)


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4 Responses to “Crazy best uke song”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I love his dance moves! I’m gonna try those out next time we have a dance at school. I’ll be the coolest teacher there!


  2. Beth Said on:

    I love it too. I got so distracted watching all the crazy little nuances in the video…his pant-length changes, his cape adjustments, his shirt switches…I need to watch it again and see something new…


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Awesome … I watched the whole thing … I love to see quirky people succeed … lets invite him over!


  4. Michele (Brad's friend) Said on:

    See Brad! Now we HAVE to see Music and Lyrics. It won’t be as exciting as Ghost Rider, but you’ll just have to get over it! I saw yours -- now you have to see mine!


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