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A party for Christian Utpatel

February 21, 2017



We met Christian in 1990. He drove the bus for us on choir tour in Germany. After that he helped put together some of the next few Germany tours. He was in the States on a business trip and spent the day with Dad Martens. Dad threw a party for him and a few of […]

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More head shots

November 21, 2016



My 8th graders really liked the Mona Lisa in the classroom. Well, actually they didn’t like it at first. They thought it was creepy. But eventually they came around and said that I should do the same thing in other classrooms. They got into it while I was cutting out heads during math class and […]

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Cheese Plate

July 12, 2016



A few days ago -or maybe last week, everything is running together- we went to a new supermarket in Lincoln. It was called Fresh Thyme, and I had heard that the produce was good and that the produce was cheap. Lauren was skeptical, but we went to check it out. The produce was as rumored. […]

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At the Meyers

March 10, 2016



From Lauren: Happy Birthday to Deborah! I made a back-up post because apparently I have no faith in Lloyd. Deborah and Brad responded, but it took away from the awesomeness of this post. Sorry, Lloyd. Back to Lloyd’s post: We were over at the Meyers house a while ago, and I saw this on an end […]

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February 13, 2015



I am exhausted. I know lots of people are, so I’m not saying I’m more exhausted than you, but I’m tired. Where do I start? I could go on and on about my intense dislike of holidays, but I’ve probably made that point before. This week was like we had two: our concert night and […]

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Meh. Not as good as I’d hoped.

February 11, 2015



Those dumb cookies are done, and they are not what I had hoped. Sometime in elementary school we did an ‘art’ project where we took half a heart, cut off a strip around the edge, glued that down; cut another strip, glued that down on the opposite side; back and forth etc. It looked something […]

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