Another Beautiful Cousin Heidi

October 1, 2007

Journal, Lauren

The lovely couple.

My cousin Erik and his beautiful wife are officially hitched! (Lloyd has a beautiful cousin Heidi on his side, and I have a beautiful cousin Heidi, now there’s a third! They’re taking over like the Rachels did!) It was a gorgeous service and we had a wonderful day visiting with family and seeing St. Louis.

Dang, that's a pretty church!

The reception was in the evening at the zoo, but we didn’t get to dine with any animals. I was a little disappointed that zebras weren’t our servers. It was beautiful even without them, though. We were in the Lakeside Cafe that they had all dolled up for the event. Very, very cool! Something that I’d never seen before was how they stocked the ladies’ room. They had candles all along the counter and trays with every little necessity that a girl could need – lotion, hair spray, band-aids, bobby pins, stomachache/ headache medicine, Girl Stuff, floss, clear nail polish – it was genius!

Just one of the cool trays.  How thoughtful!

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7 Responses to “Another Beautiful Cousin Heidi”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    I’ve been in that chapel, too! It’s on the campus of St. Louis University and is a beautiful building. I’m thinking a church like that in Foster (pop. 57) would finally put us on the map.


  2. Rae, formerly known as Rachel Said on:

    You were in St. Louis and didn’t even call and say hello??? We could have crashed the reception and claimed to have just escaped from a zoo pen (monkeys seem the likey relative, although the kids can really relate more specifically to the Howler Monkeys.) No hard feelings…


    • Lloyd Said on:

      We were in and out so fast that we passed ourselves on highway 40. We got into town about 30 minutes before the wedding, after the wedding we went to the Seminary --Mark is some big-wig there-- then to church then to the reception. Finally back to Rachel and Mark’s for some sleeping before leaving the next morning. Whew.


  3. Annette Said on:

    What was in the drawers? I know you snooped!


  4. Brad Said on:

    I have trays like that in my bathroom. I keep soap, lotion, and bullets in them. Because you never know when you might need lotion. Or bullets.


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