Mindless & pretty

December 4, 2007

Journal, Lauren

I was looking around the internet and came across this ridiculously easy decoration to make out of paper. I made a few out of plain white paper with the children in the afternoon. (They did the short cuts, I assembled, they stapled. I don’t worry at all about whether the strips are cut straight.) They loved them!

When I came home we ate some awful buffalo chicken wings for dinner and then I wanted to do something mindless for a half hour. This was it! Good thing we have all kinds of crazy paper around here. I think Lloyd should have his middle school students make them.
A festive computer area!

close up!

Now I have nothing but guilt that Annette was working on her class all night. Way to go, Annette!

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18 Responses to “Mindless & pretty”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    Very nice, Lauren. I like the decorations and I like the arrangement. That’s all I got.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    Now I know how we’ll decorate for Christmas! Fully decorated trees are overrated, and I don’t have anything that’s coated in gold, alas.


  3. Brad Said on:

    They remind me of that time I was abducted by aliens.


  4. Annette Said on:

    I someone getting married? It’s the hanging things from the ceiling theme…


    • Annette Said on:

      whoops…Is someone getting married. My brain works faster than I can speak, or type! (I dare anyone to comment!)


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Ridiculously easy? How am I supposed to make these fantastic decorations? I have no X-acto knife, no metal ruler … only a wood one, dang it …. no cutting mat & no monfilaments. Plus there’s no directions on how to put the string in!!!!!

    But they are beeauuuutiful!!!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      And the winner for “Best Use of ‘Monofilament’ in a Blog comment” goes to….


      • Lauren Said on:

        No Xacto knife! No metal ruler! These were made with paper, scissors, a stapler and tied up with thread. (They’re stuck to the ceiling with pushpins.) They don’t need to be perfect -- mine are all wavy. Perfection is for the birds!


  6. Michele Said on:

    I am TOTALLY making these for my classroom. I already have lights up and I plan to bring in a small tree with lights tomorrow. Thanks Lauren! I’m so glad you teach little kids!


  7. Kristi Said on:

    These ARE lovely decorations. Maybe you should put some around that burned-out lightbulb over the sink.


  8. Kristi Said on:

    Alright, I tried making them with my five-year-old. Soooooo E-Z and fun! Is this the official decoration for Festivus?


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