June 20, 2008

Journal, Lauren

I forgot to say “Happy Birthday” to our nephew Charlie yesterday, so…. “Happy Birthday!”

We met up with Curt in Lincoln for a Saltdogs baseball game, but first we went to dinner at Lazlo’s.  It used to be called Fireworks, but something has changed.  (Charles & Deborah, the big fireplace inside is gone.)  What hasn’t changed are the amazing hand dryers in the bathrooms.  They have such powerful blasts of air they’re like g-forces for your hands.  I snuck my camera inside to take pictures, but of course they turned out blurry.  Trust me, it’s worth going.

Prepare to be Excelorated!

Prepare to be Excelorated!

My old hand, as is.

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13 Responses to “Lazlo’s”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I used the dryer in the men’s bathroom. It was like a jet engine! It was all I could do to resist putting my face under it.


  2. Annette Said on:

    I think you met up with Curt to go to Lazlo’s, then went to a Saltdog game.


    • Lauren Said on:

      Ha -- those would be my priorities. I didn’t know about dinner until I came home and sat around for a while, then apparently I almost made us late.


  3. Dana Said on:

    They have one of those at the Woodman’s grocery store here. Funny thing is -- my hands don’t dry any faster. Scares the crap out of my 3 year though.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Holy Hollow is right! That’s amazing … I do so want to try it … Did it have a heat control, ’cause if it had a cool setting, I’d love to live under it!


    • Lloyd Said on:

      The one in the guys restroom was a pleasantly cool hurricane force gale. It was also motion activated, so you didn’t have to push a button every three seconds.


  5. Deborah Said on:

    So, is the old Lazlo’s still there too? So many changes. . . so many changes.


  6. Deborah Said on:

    I can almost see your haircut in that first picture.


  7. james Said on:

    Yes these are great! The Xlerator makes all those other dingy white hand dryers seem like a pale chain smoker with emphysema.

    Nice blog too! Are you guys in Lincoln? I recently passed through Omaha and up to Sioux Center, Iowa. Great people and a fun road trip.




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