The cleanest car ever.

August 30, 2008

Home 'Improvement'

Well, Lloyd wins the prize for Most Productive Saturday.  He spent seven hours cleaning the Honda, and you could perform surgery in there – it’s that clean.




My day was less productive.  Lloyd helped me take the sticks to the burn pile, and we ran a few errands.  Back at home, I was getting the recycling rounded up and started a conversation with my neighbor.  As we talked, we heard a meowing.  Bob said, “Sharon heard that last night.  We don’t know where it’s coming from.”  Well, it was coming from the cat stuck up in their neighbor’s tree!  Poor thing – all night it had been up there!  I knocked – no answer, so with good intent I broke into their fenced yard and got the little thing out with a ladder.  (I’m just like a fireman!)  The sad part is that this barely-not-a-kitten-herself has recently given birth, because her lady bumps were pretty swollen. I spent the day trying to find her home (and her lost kittens), but no dice.  She followed me all around the block but no one knew where she was from.  She’s hanging out on our front stoop now, but she thinks Lloyd did a fine job with the car.



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14 Responses to “The cleanest car ever.”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    That’s a very clean car! Mine’s a pigsty.

    Sure hope kitty finds her home/babies.

    I just noticed you had a shoutout in The Oregonian. Maybe you’ve seen it already, but if not, here’s a link:


  2. Ribs Said on:

    Lloyd should read the post below about even more intensive car detailing. 7 hours? Pah that’s nothing:

    I’d love to give that kitty a home if I were nearer (say, on the same continent at least). Poor little mite. Well done on the rescue.


  3. Heidi Thomas Said on:

    Buy an American car you silly fools. P.S. Lauren your toes look beautiful silly girl.


  4. Lauren'sdad Said on:

    Good show, Lloyd! No vehicle I ever had was worth 7 hours of cleaning in its life-time! 🙂


    • Lloyd Said on:

      I don’t think Lauren mentioned that this is the bi-annual cleaning, and that there is no intra-cleaning cleaning that takes place (with the exception of a drive through car washing at the end of Winter).


  5. Peggy Said on:

    Jumpin’ Jehosphat Lloyd!! That looks EXCELLENT! I decided yesterday that today I would clean my car. Of all the things I hate, I HATE cleaning my car the most. I bow in your presence my Eminence! (and although there’ll be no where near 7 hours devoted to this, I wonder if people & woodland creatures from far & wide will still show up to cheer me on … I hope so!)


  6. Deanne Said on:

    I’m duly impressed. I’ve washed my car before. but I don’t think I’ve spent over 1 hour on the whole thing. Maybe an hour and a half.


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