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Clean at last

September 12, 2019



Well, for years now, Lauren has been coming home and saying that, “Our house smells like an old house.” Personally, I don’t smell it, but I have a pretty poor sense of smell. A poor sense of smell comes in handy when you teach middle school, but isn’t much use in diagnosing OHS. Now, there […]

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Ready for the zombies

August 9, 2017



I was driving to the computer store to pick-up some iPads for Lincoln Lutheran students, when traffic came to a stand still. I was right at an intersection, so I thought I would just make a little jog to bypass whatever craziness was taking place ahead of me. I went about a block and came […]

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Light Log Stardate 92351.67 (Supplemental)

September 30, 2014



Last week we had 5 major lighting technologies represented in our house: incandescent, florescent, halogen, compact florescent and fire. Today I’m proud to announce the addition of LED lighting. I tricked Lauren into doing most of the shopping on Sunday by standing in front of the light bulb display and pretending to carefully read labels. […]

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Cleaning, Lloyd-style

March 15, 2014



I told Lloyd that I’d like to have a Day of Fun, and he punished me for it. “I’ve got some Tom Sawyer-type fun for you!” he said, and in the end it was a good idea. Two rooms in the house are really pretty clean, including washed windows. Lloyd showed me some of his […]

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Zippity doo dah! (That is a terrible title.)

August 4, 2013



I’m certain that I have written of my love for L-brackets before, right? My standard joke that if God had used L-brackets, Creation would have only taken four days? (Hmmmm…. Is that lightning getting closer?) Well, I have a similar love for zip-ties now. There are many, many uses for zip-ties. Not pretty uses mind […]

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It’s called multitasking,

May 19, 2011


It's called multitasking,

…. and it is FABULOUS. I bought some impatiens last weekend, because it is the only thing I ever plant – in honor of my mother. Well, that and it’s the only plant I can reliably identify. I actually went to buy some a month or so ago, but Wal*Mart didn’t have any. I wasn’t […]

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