Flowers for Tiny Moms

May 8, 2010


Happy Mother’s Day! To our own moms, especially, but also to all the moms out there. You ladies are amazing!

We have a bush out by the garden shed that has little white blossoms all over it. I have no idea what it’s actual name is, nor do I care. We had the same kind of bush at my house growing up, so as I child I christened it the Barbie Bouquet Bush. “Why?” you ask? This is why:

Aw, she's so cute- with PERFECTLY SCALED FLOWERS in her hand!

I no longer have Barbies, but I have these little dolls from my Little Tykes collection, which is a future post.

A childhood memory of my mom: Her fried chicken. She’d slave away and make a giant pan of it. While it was keeping warm in the oven it was my job to shake salt on it with the giant aluminum shaker. She makes awesome chicken. Now that I’m an adult I am constantly in awe of how she kept six people fed every day. Thanks, mom!

I asked Lloyd for a ‘mom memory’. He asked what kind, and I read mine. He was quiet for a little while and said, “I bet my mom’s chicken is better.”

What a jerk.

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7 Responses to “Flowers for Tiny Moms”

  1. Brad Said on:

    More pictures of the garden! (you could just email them to me)

    Do you want to know what that bush is called, or will it ruin your childhood memories? It’s called Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’. The Snowmound Spiraea is an old-fashioned favorite. You can see them all over Baltimore, but they have already finished blooming here.

    PS. Don’t forget to smell your lilac this year. It should be blooming right about now.


  2. Lauren's dad Said on:

    My mom, from Texas, called it Bridal Wreath.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I have no lovely flowering things to talk about…I have dirt, weeds & some branchy looking thing in my yard. But my mom did make outstanding chicken. She always took the skin off, then coated it & fried it up. That’s how I make it today. Most people say the skin is the best part…but not us. Blech.


  4. Christina Said on:

    Mom does make amazing chicken! She taught Brittney to make it two summers ago…..we had fried chicken every night for about four days.


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