I’m already hungry.

November 7, 2011


Tuesday, the day you will read this, I have an upper endoscopy scheduled at 3:45 so we can finally figure out what’s wrong with my stomach.

The procedure seems to be pretty cut-and-dried: they’ll stick a camera tube down through my mouth and look around my gut.

*jibblie jibblie jibblie*

Interestingly, it’s not the prospect of gagging and choking that is freaking me out, it’s that waaaaay back last month when this was scheduled, I heard the words, “No solid food after midnight the night before…..”

Dang it! I’ve been psychologically hungry since then! The morning of the procedure I can only have clear liquids (chicken broth for breakfast), and no coffee unless it’s without milk (which is too gross to imagine), so it’ll be tea until 11, then nothing until after it’s all over.








I’m just not made of strong stuff. I need breakfast! And second breakfast! And lunch! And lots of coffee during the morning! And a Pepsi at 1:00! I was talking to Lloyd about this last night.

Lauren: I’m really going to complain a lot on Tuesday. Sorry in advance.

Lloyd: That’s when you’re going to start complaining?

Lauren: *punch*

I miss you, food. I miss you real bad.

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5 Responses to “I’m already hungry.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m glad to hear they’re doing this. Maybe they’ll figure it out and you’ll be able to eat after 7pm. Future Lauren will love you for this. You should make her a greeting card with all the extra time you’ll have from not eating. See if you can tell her a joke she won’t remember. Brad From The Past sends me notes like that all the time.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Dang Lauren, that is a long time to wait. I’ve had this done twice & both times it was early in the morning.

    They are putting you to sleep or giving you that ‘groggy, I don’t know what’s going on, don’t feel a thing, won’t remember a thing’ medicine, right?

    My thoughts & prayers are with you today!


  3. Lauren's dad Said on:

    We’re praying for you.


  4. Quiana Said on:

    Oh noes! What about elevenses!


  5. Deborah Said on:

    This just means you can eat all you want tonight. But not too much because that will mess with your stomach.


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