It was soooooo much barf.

December 10, 2012


I hope you’ve finished your breakfast already. This is gonna get graphic.

I can’t remember the last time Lloyd has had a stomach sickness. Usually he gets things like sore throats or head colds that go on for years. Barfing is exceptionally rare. Well, he must have passed something other than the peace at church Sunday morning, because Sunday night he was a mess.

At dinner he said his stomach hurt, but I was serving him Mystery Soup, so I was pretty sure it was just a ploy to get out of eating it. He ate a few grapes and conked out on the sofa. Around 9:30 he got up to head to the bathroom and said, “I’m going to throw up”, but he didn’t. I sent him up to bed with a cooking pot with a little water in it. I don’t know what the water is for, but when I was a kid that’s what my mom did when I felt nauseous, so I’m not messing with tradition.

I immediately had to pour the water out, remembering that I live with idiot bathtub-water-drinkers.

Around 10:30 Lloyd was moving restlessly and breathing funny. He got up, went in the bathroom and










He doesn’t like comforting when he’s sick, so when I heard the first hurl I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for him. I stood outside the bathroom door until he was done then quietly said, “I have a glass of water for you.”

“Yeah,” he answered weakly, “and a washcloth please.”

It was soooooooooooo gross. I will refrain from telling you the details, well….. any more details, but trust me – it was gross. All I can say is, good thing he shaved most of that beard off.

He stayed home Monday and slept all day on the couch. I had to devise a system to keep the water-drinkin’, glass-knockin’, straw-stealers away from his H20:

What's under there? Nothing, cat.

Yep, it's a cupholder.

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9 Responses to “It was soooooo much barf.”

  1. Gretchen Said on:

    oh…poor Lloyd, that is miserable. I hope you stay well, Lauren. (Nice prototype.) Did you offer him ginger ale, rainbow sherbet, and jello? Those are our go-to stomach flu foods.


    • Lauren Said on:

      All he had yesterday was some 7-Up that I brought him around 1, a little ginger ale, and a couple of bites of a peanut butter sandwich.

      He’s going to school today.I’m hoping he doesn’t pass out from low blood sugar.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Ugh. Stomach stuff.
    When Lloyd’s done with that cup holder, maybe you can re-purpose it into a magic trick. Lift the cloth, and… Presto! It’s a glass of water!


  3. Karla Said on:

    You have no idea how perfect your timing was with this post. I was jolted out of bed this morning by the sound of a child barfing.


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Oh I’m so sorry Lloyd! I hope you feel better today…although you really should have stayed home.

    On the plus side, now you have a taste of what it’s like to be pregnant. Although you’d have to do every day for 3 months straight.


  5. Kristi Said on:

    Thanks for NOT posting pictures. Hope you feel better, Lloyd!


  6. Tammy Said on:

    Thanks for the warning about eating breakfast. Didn’t read that soon enough. I had literally just took a bite of peanut butter toast when I read that -- my teeth were still sunk into the toast. Oh well what can I do. I hope Lloyd is feeling better!


  7. Jane Sommerer Said on:

    Hope you are feeling better. Stay well!


  8. Lloyd Said on:

    That’s strange. I thought I left a comment on this post. What I tried to say was that I think it has been about a decade since I’ve puked, and I didn’t remember that it hurt when you did it.


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