“Special” means “Watch Out”

February 25, 2014


Lloyd loves Special K Red Berries cereal. He never gets to eat it. The trouble is, he doesn’t eat cereal on any kind of regular basis.

I also love Special K Red Berries cereal. I eat cereal every morning. (Twice on Mondays and Thursdays.) If there is Special K Red Berries in the house, I am going to eat it. (It is also delicious dry as a snack. Mmmmmmm…..)

So I thought I’d do us both a favor. I bought plain ol’ Special K for myself, thinking that it would satisfy the craving and leave him the nice box ‘o berries. Well, there are some problems:

First: No Berries. (Sad face)

Second: The red berry kind has flakes that are lightly sweetened. The plain kind does not, so it needs a little sugar.

Third: The plain kind has tiny rock-like objects in it that would have broken my tooth if I wasn’t such a chicken about biting down hard on food. Serious, DO NOT BITE DOWN ON SPECIAL K CEREAL.

I thought I was crazy. The first bowl was weird, but I’m sleepy in the morning so I thought it wasn’t a big deal.  The second day I got one stuck in a tooth. The third day I saved one to look at with my microscope. (Dang, that thing is handy.) I figured it was a hard piece of rice bran or something, but it looked so smooth and almost translucent.

Finally, I soaked some cereal in water so I could figure out what was going on. I squeezed some soggy flakes until I felt the hard bumps, then saved the bumps. I’m not alone in this. I googled ‘Special K break a tooth” and found other people with similar problems. Some of them seem to think that they are small hardened lumps of corn syrup, but I don’t know. Someone suggested sending the rest of the box back to the company, and I am kicking myself for not thinking of that sooner.

So, since I’m sure that someone in my huge readership (guffaw) works at Kellogg’s, pass the info along, K?


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10 Responses to ““Special” means “Watch Out””

  1. Brad Said on:

    Hmmm… Now I want to buy some Special K and see the lumps myself. Maybe it’s some kind of genius marketing campaign.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    You ARE going to send the box back to the Kellogg’s people, right? I wonder what kind of compensation they will give you.


  3. Peggy Said on:

    Special K…..not recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists.


  4. Curt Said on:

    Hmmm…..they look like very small snail shells.

    I always thought the hard particles were part of the grain, but not now.


  5. Amanda Said on:

    I had the EXACT same problem!


  6. geekrawker Said on:

    I agree… i miss product 19, switched to Special K when they burred the old. Over the years I’ve noticed the tooth cracking particles getting worse. Best guess is rice husks. Maybe its just their suppler.. likely a cheep source that does a poor job catching the smaller broken husk pieces.. then they wind up making it into the fryer/puffer turning them into “stone” to crunch down on with our porcelain like teeth.


  7. DelW Said on:

    Heading to the dentist this afternoon after broke tooth on Special K last night. Thanks for this info. Going to examine some soggy K’s this evening when I get home!
    Did anyone get a reply from Kelloggs?


  8. Sarah Said on:

    I just broke one of my teeth eating special k fruit and yogurt cereal and i dont even have dental insurance!! I wish i never bought it. i thought itd be a good idea cause of the folic acid and im pregnant.


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