Take me out to the… 94 degrees? You’ve got to be kidding.

June 11, 2017


We had a small misunderstanding about today. Lloyd asked if I wanted to go to a Saltdogs game with the Kolliparas on Sunday. Though I love the Kolliparas, I hate heat, but I said ‘sure’. I made plans for the appropriate clothing to sweat in, and even bought a spray bottle for cooling off.

Then, before church, I was On Facebook, and there was a post showing Stephannie and Ian….. in front of the Colleseum. In Italy. “Um, I don’t think Stephannie is going to be at the game.”

Then I saw Samith’s email to Lloyd. Apparently Samith wasn’t going to be there either. “What is going on?” Lloyd said he misunderstood the invitation.

It worked out. I wore my sweat stuff, put on my ‘they-just-dilated-my-eyes’ free roll-up sunglasses (because I am old and no longer care what people think), and away we went.


Yep, that’s probably upside down. I don’t care.

Remember the ‘make something unbearable then dial it back’ theory? Well, we did that. We sat for three innings in the blazing sun, then moved back to the shade. Much better. Another two innings, then under the awning where it was windy. I made it until the seventh-inning stretch, and we were outta there.

By the way, we think they had less than 10% attendance. It was HOT.


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3 Responses to “Take me out to the… 94 degrees? You’ve got to be kidding.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Ha! I love your title.
    It’s hot here too. Unlike you, I am staying inside.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    What troopers you are! Hopefully you got several nice, cold beverages.


  3. Mom Said on:

    You cheered the team on. They were glad someone was watching.


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