Moisture management and flies

July 15, 2017


After sleeping in (grasping at the last straws of vacation), we went to Lincoln to run some errands. Our house smells weird, no doubt due to the humid weather and leaky roof, and our dehumidifier doesn’t work anymore. We bought a new one and it is working just fine. I also contacted a company about fixing the roof.

After some other errands we came back home. While bringing stuff in, we let in a fly. The cats have been running ALL OVER.

Ralph has been so happy.

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One Response to “Moisture management and flies”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Maybe you could hire them out as fly hunters. Someone was just telling me about a house they had that was always full of flies. They gave their kids flyswatters and gave them a nickel per fly. If your cats earned a nickel a fly, you’d be rich!


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