Le-eh-go! Le-eh-go!

August 13, 2017


(Sing that like Elsa singing ‘Let it go!’)

Sunday was busy. The ministry staff was dedicated at both services, then Sam helped Lloyd hang a television on the wall in the school-age room (a later post). After that, Lloyd and I ran away from our responsibilities and joined Sam for a Lego convention in Lincoln.

It was spectacular! There were so many clever creations, and I was in awe of all these people using their imaginations to turn their ideas into reality. I took many pictures, and these are just a handful.


‘Yay’ for Douglas Adams!


There were so many mini buildings with clever plants.


Tiny, tiny little creatures:


Large portraits:


And crazyily detailed miniature scenes!


This is a car dealership. Note the detail in the offices…

… and the waiting room.


My favorite, though? The tiny Rush concert complete with an iPad background and flashing lights! (You can see Sam to the left as it begins.)

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2 Responses to “Le-eh-go! Le-eh-go!”

  1. Cousin Sam Said on:

    Best Post Ever!

    It had everything I like Me, Frozen, and Lego.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Yay! I’m glad you went!

    I read the title with the tune the guards sing on Wizard of Oz.


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