Marxhausen Art Show, part deux

September 17, 2017


So, Saturday was scheduled to be a jam-packed morning. We were meeting Sam, Gracen and Professor Dynneson at the CDC at 8, loading tables and art into cars and vans and transporting them to the gallery. Annette was there to help it all look nice. That first part went smooth as glass. There were several trips, but there was a bit of a time crunch to be ‘done’ by 11, when the gallery opened. We ran into a couple of hiccups, but that was ok because we could just close the doors. (The rooms we are in aren’t open to the public yet.)



We spent time arranging and re-arranging and then discussing what needed to be done to finalize the arranging. That was going to involve shopping (yay!), but I was getting hangry (booooo).

After lunch, Lloyd and I had a long but surprisingly efficient round of errand-running, with only some terse words (on my part) when we were moving tables from Lincoln Lutheran and some criticism (on Lloyd’s part) about how I was accelerating away from stop lights in Sam’s van. Again, I was getting tired and hangry.

Back to Seward to unload the shelves we had purchased for arranging. I was cranky because now we had a very crowded room full of priceless art and a shelf that had to be assembled.


There was a lot of shuffling. So much shuffling. Shuffling to open the box, shuffling to get stuff out of the box, shuffing to remove the box and assemble the shelf, shuffling to rearrange the shelves – only to discover that one was not going to work.


This one didn’t work. It’s a crying shame, because it is designed just like a metal folding chair.




One possibly good, yet sad, thing to come out of this is that I think I have learned I couldn’t actually live in a tiny house. Not with the amount of SHUFFLING OF STUFF that is so prevalent!!!

It was discouraging. It’s ‘done’, but I don’t feel great about it.

Dead Weight Lauren

Ok, I wrote that in the morning. Tonight (Sunday) we had a private showing and it was well-received. Here are the final photos:






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5 Responses to “Marxhausen Art Show, part deux”

  1. Deborah Said on:

    So people came to the showing?

    It all looks very professional. Well done!


  2. Kris Said on:

    You guys are amazing!


  3. Kristi Said on:

    WOW!!!! That looks like an art gallery I’d see in the big city somewhere. You are genius, even if you feel like dead weight! The cubbies are especially cool.


  4. Brad Said on:

    The shuffling is not evident in the final result. It looks good.

    I like that grass stem thing in the foreground of the second-to-last picture.


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