What’s blue on the outside, orange on the inside, and was 10% off with a coupon code?

October 12, 2017


A mistake.

A cat-hair-covered mistake.

I have a problem with luggage. I hardly ever travel, but I am obsessed with packing tiny and carrying the absolute minimal amount of stuff. I have a couple of packing cubes that I’ve been putting in a free-to-me backpack and boy, do I feel smug.

My backpack is starting to fray, so I looked around for a bag that opened up like a suitcase. The one I found online seemed perfect! A couple of inches longer than my green one, and an inch wider. Perfect!

Except, those were the exterior dimensions, you idiot Lauren. They were counting the handles! Dang it. It’s still pretty good, but I am a little disappointed.


Something nice about it is how BRIGHT the inside is. No losing things in there!


There’s also no returning it. This thing is coated in cat hair. Permanently.

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3 Responses to “What’s blue on the outside, orange on the inside, and was 10% off with a coupon code?”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Cool! I like it!

    And I empathize with you in your luggage problem. My problem is blankets. I own so many blankets. And I want more.


  2. Kristi Said on:

    Backpacks are great! There was one backpack I owned, though, that had way too many pockets. I kept unzipping compartment after compartment in a feeble attempt to find the wanted item. I don’t recommend that kind of backpack.


  3. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Try dry Swiffer cloths on that cat hair.


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