A fair faire

October 15, 2017


Lloyd and I went to Kansas City this weekend to meet up with his family for the Renaissance Faire. Wait a minute. Did I just spell ‘renaissance’ correctly? No way!

It was very fun. We took our sweet time getting there on Saturday and arrived around 1:30/2. It was 43 degrees when we left Seward and in the high 70’s when we arrived. We had some thunderstorms on the way, but it was just hot and muggy when we walked around.

I loved the costumes. It’s just like Halloween for grown-ups!


Here’s a useless ‘behind’ shot of Lloyd with his sister, her husband and their son. They were decked out. We were not. His brothers were there, too, along with Mia (Andrew’s wife).


We signed up for a pub crawl that started at 5. Our tickets were for three beers at three stations, while being entertained by bawdy jokes. At the end of the first station, it started to rain. We stomped off through the puddles to the next station, singing, “We need beer ’cause we’re on a pub crawl!” By they time we arrived at the second stop, everybody was soaking wet. (Except me. I had a poncho.) We loaded up with drinks and immediately went to the third stop, which was a sturdy, giant tent. It was PACKED with jovial people who were laughing about what a fun disaster it all was. We stuck it out for about half an hour then headed back to the car. I had given my poncho to a lady carrying a baby, and so we were both soaked. We spread everything out to dry in the hotel room:


(Lloyd is going to need a new wallet.)


Then next day was colder but sunny and gorgeous! We had the added bonus of not having to pay for the day, since our hotel had some complementary tickets!


Lloyd’s parents were there for Sunday. We watched a few shows, ate some tasty treats, and had a great time. We left mid-afternoon so we wouldn’t get home too late. All in all, a fun adventure!

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2 Responses to “A fair faire”

  1. Brad Said on:

    That sounds awesome. I haven’t been to a Renaissance Faire in years. I need to go again some time. Did you buy a wand or staff? Those were the things I always wanted, but could never afford. I bet I could afford one now…


  2. Gretchen Said on:

    Last year I got to chaperone a trip to our local Faire as it was a traditional field trip for the senior class. I am a little disappointed that it is not happening this year. I especially loved the traditional Renaissance food items -- fried cheesecake on a stick, bloomin’ onion, Philly cheesesteaks…so authentic!


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