Sunday Report

October 22, 2017


Lloyd had services at the nursing home on Sunday. Dorothy, the terrible flirt, declared her love for him and for everyone both before and during the service. I sat by her while she doodled all over the stack of papers they keep just for her. “Peekaboo! I love you! What are we doing? God bless America!”

After that we did our Wal*Mart run for supplies then went home to make a giant green bean casserole for a church potluck. Our pastor is celebrating 25 years in the ministry and we had a big celebration. It was wonderful, with many lovely decorations – flowers and gourds. During the many speeches, I found my true calling as a gourd stacker.


Back home for some naps and then a visit from our friends Mark and Annette. All in all, a good Sunday.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    I like that she dotted her “i” with a circle.

    Also, your stack of gourds is impressive.


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