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November 15, 2017


Sujay’ funeral was today. Since several of you knew him and weren’t able to attend, here’s what I can tell you from my end:

Sam and I rode in together. We could each get off work for the service. We arrived about ten minutes ahead of time and saw some people we knew in the narthex. Sujay was lying there, and that was so odd. I know I should say he looked peaceful, but it is hard to think that when his soul is gone. He just looked…. different. Beth was there and said it was the same casket they had for her Dad, which was nice. We went into the sanctuary to sit – Beth, Elaine, Brent, Sam and me. I think Curt might have joined us down at the end of the pew, but I wasn’t sure.

The pall bearers came in. (Lloyd was one.) Then the casket. Then the family. Stephannie is really sick so she wasn’t able to be there. I was doing fine until I saw Samith and Sujay’s parents. Dang it.

The service was good. There were lots of people and lots of singing, and as long as I didn’t think about anything I wasn’t sad. (I got sad, though. Stupid thinking.) Then Samith looked at me as the family walked out and I was teary again. Dang it.

I hugged Samith’s mom for too long but I don’t regret it. I hugged his boys even though I’m that weird lady but I don’t regret it. I hugged Samith but it was for just the right amount of time.

Sam and I couldn’t stay for lunch, but we did get to visit for a little while after. It was so good to see all those people who loved Sujay. He was a big ol’ teddy bear of a man who shared his love and his faith with everyone he knew.

This wasn’t a great write-up. Lloyd is zonked out on the couch or I’d make him write something. He is better at this than I am.

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5 Responses to “Insert good title here.”

  1. Karla Said on:

    Thank you. My heart’s been in Nebraska all week; I wish I could have been there in person. I can’t wrap my head around this.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Thanks for the description of events. I am glad so many people could be there to support his family. I’m sure they appreciated your hugs.


  3. Lauren's mom Said on:

    It’s strange, isn’t it. I have been there so many times.


  4. Jill Said on:

    Your recap was perfect. I never met Sujay, but after reading this and all the stories about him, I wish I had. Sounds like he was a great friend.


  5. Gretchen Said on:

    Thank you for this! I can see everything you described in my mind (and of course all of us are only about 22 years old) and now that I am thinking my eyes are leaking a bit too.

    This summer I heard this phrase in a Bible study that has really stuck with me: It is not that we LOSE our lives at our death, but we are LOOSED from this life and from this world to eternity with Christ.


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