December 4, 2017


So, I am writing this in haste and it’s really not that great of a story. Lloyd and I set up for communion, and when we first started, I didn’t like the squeeze bottles that we used for filling the individual cups. I looked at a catalog and bought the ‘pancake/donut-batter’ style plunger cup. It worked like a charm.

Well, the last time we set up, there was a note that said the plunger thing was missing. Rats! We looked all over, but no dice. As soon as I got home I ordered one from Amazon. When it arrived, it was broken. Rats!

When we were in Omaha, I asked Lloyd to look up Christian bookstores so we could just buy one. (A dispenser, not a bookstore.) We stopped at the first one (a bookstore, not a dispense) that Siri found: Gloria Deo. I zipped inside and it seemed…. Catholic. Lots of saints and icons. I looked in the communion section and there were giant plastic bins of wafers, but no wine things. Oh yeah – Catholic. Oops. They don’t do the wine for the congregation.

We went to another store and I got just what I needed.

After the cookie exchange party, I zipped over to church to deliver the new one.

…. the lost one was in the cabinet.


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One Response to “Catholic”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    But, of course. The lost has come home. Magically.

    On the up side, now you know where to buy gifts for all of your Roman Catholic friends.


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