Small steps

July 18, 2018


Several of the children at the CDC are on vacation, so I am able to get out of the classroom a little earlier than normal. I’ve been spending that extra time trying to weed through the storage room somewhat. It is very easy for Lutherans to become hoarders, and there is already way too much stuff down there, despite several staff going through it at different points.

My goal has been to clear the floor in a couple of areas and either find a place for it on the shelves (I’ve been adding shelves) or throw it out.

I’ve also been trying to dry out some of the rooms, so I moved a dehumidifier to a better spot. It needed power and a place to drain, so it is near the unused janitor’s closet. ‘Unused’, except that it is storing more stuff – and some of it’s mine.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    You need a good flood to help you with that. When things are soaked with sewage, it’s not at all hard to decide what to do with them.


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