One happy thing

October 6, 2018


While the other noodle pots boil over, there are the occasional things that I actually want to do. One of them was to get our Book Buddy lending system back in rotation . (I don’t want to actually be in charge of the actual book bags, though. Each bag has a book and a little toy/stuffed animal that goes along with it so children can take it home for story time. Sweet, but a pain to monitor. I am just on hanging hardware duty.)

At the old center we had a towel rack the bags hung on, and at the new place we just had a couple of boxes that they were thrown in. It was not good. This week I ordered a shelf from Amazon that I thought I could modify to serve a couple of purposes.

I put the top shelf higher than it was meant to go (so the bags underneath would have room to hang) and had an old curtain rod that I was going to Lauren below it. That failed spectacularly, so so, with some zip ties and a Plan B and it worked out ok.

The rod turned out to be too thick for the bag hooks, dang it. I thought I would go buy some key rings to thread on the rod, but then I remembered that I had zip ties.

(Don’t worry. I trimmed the ‘tails’.)

When all was said and done, it looked better than it had any right to. It holds the Book Buddies, some Parent Resources that will never get borrowed and also some Prayer Request cards.

It looks just like my vision! (Mostly.)

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2 Responses to “One happy thing”

  1. Kristi Said on:

    I want to be like you, Lauren. That lending shelf is pure awesomeness.


  2. Brad Said on:

    Your drawing really does look like the final product. Nice!


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