Tiny car and a big party

October 13, 2018


The banner picture is the only one I took of Rosa’s housewarming party. Rachel, Anna and I drove up to her ‘Welcome to my Casa’ party. She had over a dozen people in that adorable apartment, and a very good time was had by all. I resisted showing my home envy, but not very well.

My morning was spent going to work in my Brave Little Toaster. (BLT for short, but I never will use the short version.) I needed to take some measurements in case I ever get around to outfitting it for food delivery. BTW, Lloyd has it licensed and insured. It is road-legal! Lloyd is the best person in the world! No exaggeration!

I parked in the driveway where the dumpsters are, and when the recycling guys arrived, I moved the toaster and we talked for a fair amount of time about it. Everybody loves a curiosity!

Back home, the weather was nice enough to tinker around a little. The back-up beep (yes, there is a back-up beep) is LOUD!!! So, so loud. However, an internet search said that you could muffle the speaker with a little duck tape. They also said where to find the horn speaker. “It’s about the size of a Carmex jar.”

See that thing with the red and white wires coming out of it? That’s the speaker. I carefully folded up some duct tape and wrapped it carefully in the middle, then secured it all so it wouldn’t fall off. Then I tested it…. and it was LOUD!!!

I’m an idiot. That is the back of the speaker. Here is the front:

A little tape, and the loudness is now bearable. I think the neighbors won’t want to kill me when I back up now.

Luckily, I was supervised during all the tinkering.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Yay, for street legal! I want rides next time I visit!


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