Slimy Warmie

April 9, 2019


To fully understand this story, you need to know what a ‘Warmie’ is. I had no idea until one of my kids brought in a rather large stuffed dog to hold at nap. This thing weighed ten pounds, at least. He gleefully told me that you could heat it up and it would keep you warm, hence the name

Another boy has been bringing in a smaller gorilla. He forgot his nap stuff on Monday because everything was in the wash. When I set his cot up today, I noticed that his gorilla was rather heavy, and weirdly dense and squishy – like a Stretch Armstrong. I thought, “What do about toys?” But when the boy went to his cot, he said “This feels weird.” I told him I’d fix it.

It was obviously wet. The stuffing must have soaked up the water and needed to dry. What could be inside a Warmie?

Any guesses?


Seeds. Seeds are in a Warmie. Seeds are in a toy that you give to children. What? Here’s more: you are not supposed to wash your Warmie. It is ‘dry clean only’. What the what? This thing was going to sprout and rot. It was time for surgery.

Unfortunately, my incision was near….. the bottom. Double unfortunately, wet, sticky flax seeds that come out of a gorilla’s bottom look like….. well, you get it.

I was stifling a lot of laughs in the bathroom at naptime. This poor gorilla. He’s going to get some new stuffing and will have to surrender his Warmie membership.

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3 Responses to “Slimy Warmie”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Huh. You’d think they’d put rice inside. I mean, don’t they know about your rice-filled socks?


  2. Deborah Said on:

    Someone didn’t think this through. Can you imagine the grossness on that thing? And you can’t wash it?


  3. Mom Said on:

    Would seeds mold? Could a child then be sleeping with a moldy toy? Didn’t anyone think about allergies or worse? Please do not buy this for anyone.


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