Lights down, little phone.

April 16, 2019


Before we begin: My dad is having cataract surgery today, so prayers are welcome!

Ugh. My phone died. Weeks ago I was on the phone with Brad and I only heard every third word. I was walking home and had to sit down in somebody’s yard to get a decent connection. A while later, my sister called and we also had a terrible connection. I was on the road, so I figured it was a tower situation. I don’t use my phone very often, so it wasn’t a big deal. However, when I couldn’t talk to Lloyd, he made fun of me. A whole bunch. Way too much.

I got a new phone. Funny story: I walked into the Verizon store here in town and the lady said, “I’ve been expecting you.” I almost threw water at her to see if she was a witch, but she said she’s my neighbor’s daughter (all grown up now, so that’s going to be my reason for not knowing her), and she said a co-worker came in to get a new phone and told her about my phone woes.

I asked for the smallest flip phone they have, and she gave me this new giant. I hate it. I hate it so much.

I want my little phone. My little phone fits perfectly in my front pocket and is no bother at all. But it stopped working because Verizon tore down some old cell tower and now my adorable little phone is a relic.

Lloyd was really pushing for me to get the Palm, a tiny little smart phone, but I reasoned that 1) I will drop it often and don’t want that kind of stress in my life, and 2) I don’t need one more way to be addicted t the internet.

Back to Dad: Have a good surgery! (Is that appropriate to say?)

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2 Responses to “Lights down, little phone.”

  1. Brad Said on:

    I’m praying for your dad!

    I think it’s funny how tenaciously you’re resisting getting a smart phone. You’re just going to skip past smart phones, and go directly to a skull implant, aren’t you?


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