A story.

July 23, 2019


Insert text from Lloyd here.

Insert more text from Lloyd here about this situation.

Insert more information about this.

UPDATE: So, I see that he did not write anything. Allow me to tell it badly. There is an artist who paints Nebraska scenes that show the incredible skies we have here. The composition is a sliver of land, usually showing some trees and farm buildings, then the other 95% is a giant blue sky. The paintings are…. pricey.

Once, when we were driving home from Kearney, I used his phone to snap a panorama. “Here. I’m that artist you like.”

Flash forward a year or more later, and Lloyd cropped and doctors my photo to his liking and sent it to a place in India. The package arrived at our home opened and re-taped, because I’m sure the government thought it was full of weapons. The picture itself wasn’t damaged, and we spent part of Saturday morning hanging it up. Too bad it’s so far away and you can’t see it, but can you spot three cats?

UPDATE UPDATE: Um, I sort of forgot to write this story. The artist in question in Keith Jacobshagen, and his artwork doesn’t really translate well to viewing on the internet. There’s a gallery in Downtown Lincoln that often shows his work, and I saw it there (and in a number of places thereafter). It’s generally fairly large format stuff. Someday I’ll have one of his pieces, but until that time, we have this to look at instead. This is a photo instead of a painting, and the composition is more, “We’re driving down the interstate and this sort of looks right” than it is anything planned out.

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  1. Debbie Said on:

    Hey! I’ve never looked here…. so you post things too! How fun, i just love you guys! And i do see 3 cats!


  2. Brad Said on:

    The thing hanging on the curtain rod looks like a bat. Without any text, I thought this post was going to be about a bat in the kitchen. Seeing the cats was better 🙂


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