I’m trying.

August 19, 2019


A long time ago, back when the CDC was in the old building, I ponied up fora microfiber mop. I was aghast at how though the floors were mopped nightly, a good scrub with microfiber cloth uncovered the actual floor. As Lloyd says, “Mopping just distributes dirt evenly.”

Well, that mop sat unused at the new building, so I brought it home. It does a bang-up job dusting the floor , and this summer I turned into Clean Lauren. (There’s no telling how long she’ll stick around.) I was dusting that floor every single day, and every single day I couldn’t believe how much cat hair and crud I was pushing around. I’ve taken to leaving the mop in the corner of the kitchen so I remember to swipe the floor every so often. (Not every day. That’s insane.)

I liked the new habit so much that I splurged on a little one for the bathroom.

That room is its own nightmare – a white tile floor. Ugh. It is always dirty. However, I do like swiping that tiny mop over it. I bought lots of extra pads, too, but that was a waste. I just use a whisk broom or a vacuum to get the crud off and wash it every so often.

I leave them out so if someone should come over and the floor is gross, it looks like I was just about to get to it. Clever, eh?

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  1. Brad Said on:

    Or if you leave it out and a guest sees it, maybe they’ll use it. You could put a cross-stitch sign next to it that invites them to do the sweeping in some clever or punny way.


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