Happy Halloween!

October 21, 2006


It’s a do-nothing Saturday at the Sommerer’s, although if it’s anything like the last do-nothing day, we’ll be singing back up for Sting tonight.  I’m wondering what I should get accomplished, and it might be getting out the Halloween decorations.  Speaking of decorating, Brad had some electrical trouble at his home, but I completely think he should look on the bright side.  Look what can be done to make it fit the holiday season!  A little spray paint can work miracles!


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3 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Beth Said on:

    Not only will I never look at Brad’s house the same…neither will he…poor, poor, Brad…


    • Brad Said on:

      My house is a jack-o-lantern? I will silently weep at night for my house. My pumpkin house.


      • Lauren Said on:

        You’re like that kid who lived in a squash. How’s that go? “He lived in a pumpkin, he didn’t know what to do.” No, that’s not right. “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin eater. Had a wife and couldn’t keep her. Put Brad in a pumpkin house and there he wept and Laur’n’s a louse.”


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