All Day.

November 12, 2006

Journal, Lloyd, School

Watch out for killer frogs.

Here we see the Lloyd in his natural habitat, surrounded by computers, servers, and frogs.  Today the Lloyd spent ALL DAY moving things around inside those computer things, while his wife went slowly insane.  (Some shopping was done, but then…..) 

Part of the Lloyd’s habitat is polluted by the natural wastes they exude, and that section of the cage had to be cleaned.

Who's kidding who?

Lloyd asked for help pulling stuff out of the server room (er, closet) so he could sort through it and clean it up.  Here it is all over the table in the computer lab.

  Holy moly, that's a lot of cables.

 I have complete and total faith that he will get it done tomorrow.  He’s wicked good at cleaning up.

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  1. Brad Said on:

    You guys have similar jobs: Lauren cleans up preschooler vomit, and Lloyd cleans up computer vomit. It’s like you’re Mr. and Mrs. Vomit.


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