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Family Tree

June 15, 2021



About a decade ago we went to the Nebraska Sommerer’s family reunion. We only knew two people there before hand, but we met a lot of nice people, including Jordan Larson‘s mom, Kae. It’s nice to be related to someone famous other than Lauren. We’ve since gone back to the reunion several times, and each […]

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I inconvenienced a deer

November 16, 2020



Wednesday morning, right outside of Seward, by the parade of flags, I noticed a deer on the other side of the road headed away from me. I let up on the gas and then noticed the other deer on the shoulder moving toward me. I did two things next, and I think one of them […]

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Rock in a Box

November 7, 2020


Rock in a Box

We still occasionally find odd little treasures in the boxes of Marxhausen donation. A box that mostly had old pipe organ pipes might also contain a little metal sculpture. A box of mosaic tiles could also have a little bit of poetry. A matchbox turned up last week. I noticed that it had a little […]

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Lauren made me fish tacos

November 4, 2020



Well, the way it actually went down was that sometime during the early afternoon hours, Lauren remembered that there was really only enough left over Squartyblin (not, and here I am just assuming, it’s real name) for one person. Lauren had made the Squartyblin a couple of nights before. She said it was a new […]

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Clean at last

September 12, 2019



Well, for years now, Lauren has been coming home and saying that, “Our house smells like an old house.” Personally, I don’t smell it, but I have a pretty poor sense of smell. A poor sense of smell comes in handy when you teach middle school, but isn’t much use in diagnosing OHS. Now, there […]

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Dance from the Past

May 14, 2019



Beth and Tim came over yesterday. Beth dropped off a present for Lauren earlier in the day and stopped by to see it in action. But that’s a story for another time. While the girls were trying it out, it was making a sound like this: tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick […]

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