Impulse buy

August 1, 2007

Journal, Lauren

You may remember that I’ve had some problems with milk going bad. Well, I saw this at the store and just had to buy it. We used some of this stuff in Germany when we were there on choir tour, but I have no memory of how it tastes. It’s shelf-stable real milk, and you are supposed to be able to keep in on the shelf for up to six months! It has suggestions on the side of the box about how you can take it with you on trips and just chill it when you arrive at your destination, or how parents can take this on car trips or airplane flights. Ha ha ha!! As if you could take this into an airport. Are they nuts?

I like to push the  pram a lot!!

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5 Responses to “Impulse buy”

  1. Peggy Said on:

    Parma … laaaa … aaa …aaa …t (gagging / regurgitating sound)

    Seriously, let me know how it tastes … at 5 months, 29 days.


  2. Deanne Said on:

    We bought this all the time when we lived in Colombia, because the milk was very fresh there. (very fresh = you have to drink it in a day or it will go bad)(Milk actually came in a bag. You would snip a hole on both corners of the bag and leave it in a metal pitcher. Tip the pitcher, pour from the bag. I’m sure this contributed to going bad quickly.) In the US, we have found it in a little juice-box size also. This can be nice for trips or lunches where you’re not sure about refrigeration. Hint: try the chocolate milk--yummmmmm.


  3. Brad Said on:

    I remember seeing boxed milk at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, TN. It was AMAZING! They gave away free samples, too. I did not care for the banana flavor.


  4. Annette Said on:

    Will you be keeping it on this shelf/counter?


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