Chili con wronge

October 17, 2007

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There’s a right way and a wrong way to eat chili. Actually, there are several wrong ways – like not putting anything on it. That would be crazy! Around here, you need a bowl containing: chili, Frito’s, shredded cheese, black olives, and sour cream. I think the Frito’s should be on top, so they stay crunchy. Lloyd puts them on the bottom, like an insane person. How do you take your chili?
Crunchy or soggy?  Which do you prefer?

It’s not a healthy dinner, but it’s goooood.

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17 Responses to “Chili con wronge”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Fritos? In chili? Madness!

    I take my chili straight up. That’s the Midwest way. Keep it simple. Salt and pepper only (and I suppose some chili powder when you’re making chili) (or better yet, that package from the grocery store that says “chili seasoning”). This mixing of ingredients is disturbing.


  2. Karla Said on:

    I like my chili best when someone else is eating it. I HATE chili. In fact, I won’t even make it for Arron -- if he wants to eat chili, he has to make it himself. That and meatloaf. There’s just something gross about meat stewing in its own greases.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      …ummmm…. meat stewing in its own greases…


    • Christina Said on:

      I used to feel the exact same way, until my friend made taco soup (which is basically chili with rotelle and taco seasoning in it so it doesn’t taste like chili)You add sour cream and cheese on top and it is delicous!!


  3. Peggy Said on:

    I sprinkle oyster crackers in my chili … eat, then sprinkle more until the bowl is gone.

    I also like peanut butter on oyster crackers, but not in the chili. Little peanut butter or’derves … Mmmmmm!


  4. Beth Said on:

    Shredded cheese…mix…sprinkle oyster crackers, eat…sprinkle oyster crackers, eat…continue until gone.


  5. rae Said on:

    Call me crazy, but I started cooking things IN the chili before it gets to the bowl. We add black olives and mushrooms right in the pot. Then when it hits the bowl I like to sprinkle shredded cheese (cheddar, cojack, colby -- depending on what’s in the house). I do NOT like crackers in the chili -- but I do like to dip them in spoon like.


  6. Kristi Said on:

    I made chili for my family yesterday, too! I’ll pass on the sour cream and Fritos. Shredded cheese and lots of chili powder are essential ingredients. Crackers are optional.


  7. Annette Said on:

    There aren’t enought points in a day to eat it like that!
    I’m with Brad, straight-up, 1/2 cup, stirred, not shaken.


  8. deborah Said on:

    We are currently in a chili phase. I made a couple gallons and froze most of it in meal sized sizes. We like pretty basic chili and then, in true Charles fashion, we have bunch of side things to throw in if needed. Cheese, sour cream, chips, crackers, onions, spices…. By the way, loved the year of pictures a few days back. Brought back some wonderful memories (This is a nice, easy trail for little kids!).


  9. Mark Said on:

    I load my chili down with cheddar cheese, and dump in tons of saltine crackers to soak up all the excess liquid. By the time it’s ready to eat, it’s more like a sticky paste than chili.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it’s pretty disgusting.


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