Danger, Will Robinson!

August 9, 2008


After home visits today I went into Lincoln to see what Lloyd was up to.  Turns out it’s exciting and slightly dangerous putting up projectors.  Well, maybe not ‘exciting’, but this part looked pretty dang cool.

Sparks will fly.

Notice his lack of eye protection.  I guess he thinks that squint will save him.  Anyway, I tried to be helpful, but was less than useful.  I screwed up the only job he gave me.  (Sorry ’bout that.)  Also, sometime in the past few days he has misplaced his wallet.  The troublesome part is that he was up in the hot, hot, hot attics of the portable classrooms the past few days.  We He looked in two of the attics today and we’ll he’ll look in the other two tomorrow morning.  (Beth and Harold, we’re going to late church – we’re not ditching.)  Anyway, please pray for the recovery of his wallet.  I can’t bear to call Citibank again.

UPDATE:  Found!  Thank you, God!  Thank you, God!  It was in the second attic we looked through. I can say ‘we’ because I went up in one.  Let me just say, I have profound respect for Lloyd being able to move around in those tiny spaces.  It is CRAMPED up there!  We took some good photos with his iPhone, and when he’s done washing the fiberglass off his body I’ll download them.

Here he is putting his homemade shin guards on.  I laughed, but they turned out to be invaluable.   Yes, those are dish towels taped to boards, then taped to Lloyd.

Strapping on safety

Shin’ saving goodness.

L I B.  M R good.

Don’t whack your head!

Up in the roof, as opposed to on it.

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16 Responses to “Danger, Will Robinson!”

  1. Deanne Said on:

    Prayed for wallet recovery, check.

    Let’s make a list for the next time Lloyd goes crawling around in school attics:
    * Football helmet
    * Leave wallet with someone trustworthy
    * …


    • Lauren'sdad Said on:

      And, a 10 million, make that a 20 million, candle power portable, rechargeable hand held spotlight.


      • jill Said on:

        or how bout one of those spelunking helmets with the light already on it, darn but I have always wanted one of those!


        • Lloyd Said on:

          We made some of those when my Brothers and I went through some caves. Bicycle helmets from a thrift store and what I can only assume were some sort of hunting light from the walmart.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      Really, leaving it with someone untrustworthy would be better. At least then I’d know who had it.


  2. Beth Said on:

    So what is it that is being cut and causing all those sparks to fly?

    (And enjoy the clapping and hand raising. 😀 )


    • Lauren Said on:

      Oh, I forgot to say -- it’s conduit for the video cables to run through. That’s a grinder blade, and I was very impressed with him for using it so fearlessly! (Lloyd doesn’t like knives.)


      • Lloyd Said on:

        What Lloyd actually doesn’t like is being cut by knives.


      • Brad Said on:

        I’m terrified of power-saw-type machines. I’m always conviced that the blade will come off and stick in my shin or collarbone or skull. I do always wear eye protection, though, because that thin piece of plastic lens would most certainly stop a spinning blade of death.


  3. Patrick Said on:

    Lloyd--do you have a death wish? Lets talk about it …


  4. Lauren'sdad Said on:

    LLOVE those shin guards! How creative! Glad you found the wallet, too!


  5. Kristi Said on:

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say that picture of Lloyd’s leg in the attic makes him look a bit like PInocchio.


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