At last I can confess

March 24, 2009


Remember my new camera that was the same as my old camera? The camera that I’ve owned less than a month? The camera that I bought to replace the camera that I dropped?

I dropped it. a little bit.

Actually, it fell out of my coat pocket – in its so-called ‘protective’ case – onto a sidewalk. It happened the morning of ukulele night and as I stood on that sidewalk trying to deny what just happened and pleading with God to please, please turn back time a little bit for do-overs, I realized that I was hosed. That’s why the ukulele pictures turned out so crummy – the fall made the camera only focus on the top left quadrant of every picture. Dnagdnagdnagdnagdnag.

So, after a few days of berating myself and agonizing over the waste of money and plastic, I searched on the internet for a Lauren-proof model. Turns out that Olympus makes one – the 720 sw. ‘S’ for shockproof – it can withstand a fall of 5 feet (I’m 5 1/2, so I should be ok), and ‘W’ for waterproof – up to 10 feet! (I won’t be testing that feature.)

See them hands?

So, God bless getting a sweet eBay deal and let’s all hope and pray that I don’t mess this one up.

P.S. Do you know anyone who needs camera accessories for a Canon Powershot SD30? I have a few doubles of things – docks, cables, remotes and two useless protective cases.


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12 Responses to “At last I can confess”

  1. Kitt Said on:

    Wow, bummer. I guess you could eBay those accessories. Might recoup a few bucks.

    My camera stands up to a fair amount of abuse, and I saw today that you can now get it for $123. Which is pretty cheap for a camera that takes such nice pictures.


  2. Brad Said on:

    I see that you can use your new camera while swimming, surfing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding. Be sure to post some action shots!


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    You know, with all the megapixels cameras have now, the camera that only focuses in the upper left part of the screen is still probably better than the last camera you had.

    A true Eco-Freak would simply frame all of her shots so that cropping out the fuzzy bits would give you the desired composition.


  4. Curt Said on:

    I have a canon powershot sd700. It is a bit thicker and taller. But maybe some of your accessories will work with my camera.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    My camera hasn’t been working right. It’s only 2 years old. Do cameras generally stop working after 2 years, like cell phones? It’s a Canon & wasn’t cheap.

    I’ve been walking around with my camera on my head…but so far no luck.


  6. christina Said on:

    I have a Canon SD1100, if Curt can’t use your accessories, I might be able to. Maybe you should get one of those straps they use for pacifiers for babies and attach it to your camera and the button hole of your coat. That way you won’t be able to drop it and you might start a fashion trend? he he he.


    • christina Said on:

      Oh, I forgot to say that I love the way the little hand soaps are waving your camera goodbye…. or maybe they are waving to me! Now I feel special!


  7. Curt Said on:

    I just looked at your Uke pics again. Originally, I just thought the pics were blurry cause we were looking through drunk eyes. Haha, I kill me.


    • Lloyd Said on:

      I couldn’t tell at first, because I’m always weeping for the beauty of the music, and they always look a little blurry through my tears.


  8. Lloyd's Mom Said on:

    Straps don’t help. Mine caught on the door handle and pulled itself out of my pocket. Go figure! Aaron had gotten it so he got me an early Christmas present. Lucky me.


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