Con*Blo*Gar Update

June 26, 2009


Well, heck. I knew I’d have to make some sort of support for these tomato plants, but I was hoping to smelt and forge some sort of tomato ladder or cage, and I also thought I’d have a lot of time to put that off.


That don't look right.

I went to check on the plants this afternoon and they were napping. Snap out of it, tomatoes! You too, lettuce! Cucumbers, you’re doing ok.

Well, in the interest of my ‘zero-cost’ (heh heh heh) experiment, I went scrounging in the basement for some suitable support items. I came across the limbo stick from the luau kit. (Nobody wanted to limbo at Annette’s party, so I don’t feel it’s a big loss to the kit.) Snip snip snip- some sturdy bamboo sticks!

Behold yon junk.

Bound together, surely they will support my baby plants as they grow their way towards heaven, right?
It looks tall and impressive, huh? It's four feet tall.

Here’s a more reasonable shot:
That sounds re-son-able.

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5 Responses to “Con*Blo*Gar Update”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Yikes! Those ladders are $50? I see why you went with the limbo pole. I think there used to be some tomato cages in the shed, but they’d be covered with spiders by now.


  2. Peggy Said on:

    Arent’ you afraid your plants will fall in limbo love now? Or would that be a good thing?

    Will I ever get this song out of my head??? Help!


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