Halloween 2009

October 31, 2009


96 ropes of Laffy Taffy from Sam’s Club
minus 76 regular (one serving) trick-or-treaters
minus 4 (double serving) trick-or-treaters
minus Lloyd and Lauren each eating one
equals 10 left over.

Yet I only have nine.

Halloween is over and done. I was exhausted by 8:30 and was ready for bed by 9.

Best moment of the night – A 3-year-old vampire (a stranger, not one of mine) walked right in and helped himself from the candy bucket then gave my leg a grateful hug.

Best line of the night – Army man and (an older) vampire got their treats, turned around, and as I closed the door Army man said in wonder, “Is this a sugar stick?”

Yes, Army man. They are all sugar sticks.

Saddest moment of the night: Older sister, dressed as an impressive box of Froot Loops, arrived with her 3-year-old bunny sister and they got their treats. Froot Loops walked away, bunny stayed and told me resignedly, “I’m just a bunny.” People must have really been commenting on the cereal box costume.

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9 Responses to “Halloween 2009”

  1. Brad Said on:

    Haha! I love the quote!

    I got Laffy Taffy, too! It’s only a 35-count box, though. I had no visitors. What am I going to do with all those sugar sticks?


  2. Kristi Said on:

    I thought you had those dippin’ stick thingies. Did you eat them all since last Halloween?


  3. Beth Said on:

    I’m honored that Tara and Tim were double serving trick-or-treaters.

    Tim ate his sugar stick promptly. And then almost fell asleep in the car on the drive to David dorm. What is that, 9 blocks? 😀


  4. Peggy Said on:

    Awwww….I can just invision the leg hugger. How sweet!

    I only had about 20 guests. I let them pick what they wanted from the basket…I told them to take a few. My best line of the night was when one kid said, ‘Hmmmm…Snickers!!!” He picked it up & then said, “Oooooo….it’s a Milky Way!” He threw it back in the basket & then took a box of Nerds & Sweet Tarts.


  5. Lauren's mom Said on:

    I had six ZipLoc bags prepared. In each was a Milk chocolate lollipop with a spider on it, a balloon with a happy face, a package of fruit snacks, a Reeses, a KitKat and a Snickers. Then I had a bowl of assorted snacks ready.
    I had TWO trick-or-treaters come to my door. So now Dad will get fat on treats.
    Lauren, remember when we were on Grand Avenue and had a steady stream of little (and big) people until we ran out of candy and had to shut the light off?


    • Lauren Said on:

      Yes, those were the days!

      Did I ever tell you that I got a card from Kimba Ashworth a few years ago? She was remembering the Halloween where we were robbed and they got her candy but I hung on to mine…. and had to share. Grrrrrr…. candy thieves…..


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