A full day

February 13, 2010


We went to Lincoln rather early today – we had a full agenda of Things To Do.

First stop: A place called Eco Stores. Curt gave Lloyd a hot lead on a used Icee machine. It was only $200 and looked like it was actually in working order, but honestly – this is a dream that will have to die, much like Pop-N-Dog. Eco Stores was interesting -kind of like a thrift store for building supplies. The Icee machine was out of place among the used light fixtures, sinks, tubs, tiles and hinges.

Second stop: The Home & Garden show. We were there to glean information about windows, and one company lost my interest by their glaring spelling/grammatical error. They were showing the difference between sidings -“ours” and “theirs”. They spelled it “there’s”. *sigh* I was too chicken to point it out to the people at the booth, but not too chicken to sneak a photo.

Grrr. Stupid wrong spelling.

Third stop: The Chinese grocery store. I love this place, despite its odd odors. I scored 50 pairs of chopsticks for $2.50! Lloyd liked looking at all the different packages. (Future post fodder.)

I took this hastily - I was embarrassed to have my camera out.

Fourth stop: A late lunch.

Fifth stop: The planet Pandora. We went to see Avatar, and goofed around so we wouldn’t be there an hour early, but it turns out it was a good thing we were a half-hour early. There were two lines for our one showing! Hasn’t this movie been out forever? It was weird.

She looks so happy, doesn't she?

By the way, I’m on the watch for Avatar headache, something older people like me get from watching a 3-D movie for 3 hours. Those whippersnappers and those special effects of there’s.

Heh. See what I did their?


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13 Responses to “A full day”

  1. Brad Said on:

    “Avatar headache” Haha!

    I can’t believe that terrible misspelling of “theirs”. Holy cow! Will that not cost them tons of business? Didn’t they’re Middle School English teacher beat that into them?

    (Hehe… I did it too)


  2. Kristi Said on:

    That is one of my pet peeves as well. One of these days I’m going to be brave enough to point out to people their blatant errors.


  3. Lauren's dad Said on:

    I’m not going their!


  4. Lloyd Said on:

    Um, if you notice anything on the site that looks different, let me know. I think I remembered most of the changes that I’ve made over the last year and I compared some of the files to the previous version, but I’m not sure I caught everything.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    I would have politely mentioned it to the vendor I think…because it’s embarrassing & because maybe I would have gotten a free window.

    Why didn’t you get the Icee machine? Two expensive? I think it would be a big hit on the 4th!


  6. rachel in L.A. Said on:

    which one of these people sat and talked through the whole movie?? or is that just an L.A. thing?


  7. Curt Said on:

    Sorry I am a little behind on reading your site. I was hoping you were going to buy that Icee machine Lloyd. That would have been awesome!! I actually thought about buying it. I am disappointed that no one commented on the Icee machine. Did Lauren have something to do with this?


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