Ring Fail

February 18, 2010


Brad is Mr. Sparkle Cartel, as you know, and I’ve been dying to buy something from there. Lloyd surprised me quite a lot by saying that he thought the dark tungsten rings were pretty cool, and he wouldn’t be opposed to buying one. He would wear it instead of his wedding ring, so I’d have to get one, too. (Woo-hoo! That doesn’t invalidate our marriage, does it?)

Sparkle Cartel is a ‘we have one thing right now in limited supply so hop to it and buy one before it’s gone’ kinda place, so when Lloyd said he liked this style of ring, I had purchased two before he finished speaking. A size 7 and a size 9. Select! Add to cart! Check out now! Confirm my order! Pay! Done!

Do you validate parking? er, marriage?

(then read – ‘Comfort fit bands tend to run 1/2 size large, therefore we recommend ordering a 1/2 size smaller than your regular ring size.’) (Dang.) (Double Dang.)

They are too big. In fact, I’m not actually sure what my ring size is, so this was a major goof.

To make matters worse, before I got home Lloyd checked the website and they had the ring that he really wants.

We will not be buying it.

I figured out how to do a screen shot.  Yay for me.

Triple Dang.

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14 Responses to “Ring Fail”

  1. Karla Said on:

    Thanks to both Brad (for advertising sparkle cartel) and Lloyd (for telling him about sparkle), I am ADDICTED to that site. I nearly bought the ring that you got. I did buy the bottom ring -- the one you didn’t purchase.

    They have a no hassle return policy, so you can return the rings for a full refund, minus shipping, within 90 days. Or I could buy the size 9 from you. I’d happily help that way. I could also check to see if anyone I work with is interested in the 7.

    Mmmm, sparkle cartel. We’re such good friends, they send me a text every time they update their site. 🙂


  2. Brad Said on:

    Dang. I’m sorry to hear that. I’m also sorry to tell you that I’ll be posting about that second ring when it comes to me in the mail. I ordered one yesterday.

    On the bright side, I’ve noticed that the jewelry on Sparkel Cartel repeats itself a lot. Wait a few weeks, and something you’ve seen before comes ’round again.


  3. Lloyd Said on:

    Brad, tell us about the finishes on these. I remember hearing you say something about that once, but forgot what you said. Was it that they give you elbow cancer?


    • Brad Said on:

      Black tungsten is actually regular tungsten that has been electroplated. I’m curious to see if the finish is as durable. The tungsten ring I’ve owned for a year doesn’t have a single scratch. Will the electroplated ring scratch?

      And I don’t think they give you elbow cancer. My elbow feels fine. But if something happens and the ring has to be removed in an emergency situation, you don’t cut it off, you squeeze it with a pliers and it breaks in pieces.


      • Karla Said on:

        I hope you don’t get elbow cancer. If so, I’m screwed…

        Brad, I’ve heard you can use regular ring cutters on the tungsten -- they just have to cut twice instead of the usual one-cut-and-bend process they use for regular rings.


  4. Beth Said on:

    I would guess you wear a 5.5 or 6, Lauren. I just think that.

    And I think you should return those bands and get the ones on the site now -- because they are so cool.

    And because I’m bossy.


  5. Peggy Said on:

    I check The Sparkle Cartel everyday too…but I’ve never thought about getting one of the rings for myself because they’re men’s rings & they look like men’s rings to me.

    I put in a request before asking Lloyd to find a female ring cartel…I’m still waiting. Tap. Tap. Tap.


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