Sharing Time – gather ’round

March 2, 2010

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Let’s share morning routines, shall we? It will be less work for me, more fun for you! Trust me.

Wake-up time:
First thing you do:
Shower before or after breakfast?
Average time in shower?
Toothpaste flavor:
Hair routine:

I’ll start: (That will keep the above copy-and-paste-able)
Wake-up time: 5:15
First thing you do: Put on my glasses, which is funny because I wear them for three minutes and then take them off again.
Shower before or after breakfast? Before
Shampoo? J.R. Liggett’s herbal bar shampoo
Conditioner? Pantene
Soap? Dove – the white kind
Average time in shower? 10 minutes (the water’s off & on, though)
Toothpaste flavor: Tom’s mint something, paste – not gel
Hair routine: towel, let sit while I eat & check the web, hair dryer, two squirts of hairspray, then sigh that it doesn’t look better.
Breakfast? Cereal – generic Honey Nut Cheerios (from the giant bag).

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17 Responses to “Sharing Time – gather ’round”

  1. Rachel Said on:

    Wake-up time: 8am
    First thing you do: Check my BlackBerry for e-mails, then look on UberTwitter for all the things I missed while I was sleeping.
    Shower before or after breakfast?: Before
    Shampoo?: Lush Karma Komba solid shampoo
    Conditioner?: Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly
    Soap? At the moment it’s Philosophy Red Velvet Cake 3 in 1 soap
    Average time in shower? 12 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: The minty kind
    Hair routine: Towel dry, spritz with Tousle Me Softly gel, walk out the door
    Breakfast? I’m the worst at actually eating breakfast.


  2. Amy Said on:

    Wake up (eventually)
    go downstairs
    go back upstairs, then maybe eat breakfast downstairs?
    get dressed
    leave ^^;;


  3. Amy Said on:

    oops I did it wrong..
    Wake-up time: anywhere from 7-1:30
    First thing you do: Go downstairs
    Shower before or after breakfast? eventually
    Shampoo? Pantine Ice shine
    Conditioner? same
    Soap? mm forget
    Average time in shower? 10-20 min
    Toothpaste flavor: minty
    Hair routine: twist it up into a bun let it dry
    Breakfast? cereal, poptarts, leftover food..
    I’m on a weird schedule


  4. deanne Said on:

    Wake-up time: 4:40 (today, and other swim days, which I haven’t been doing lately, but I’m trying to get back)
    First thing you do: turn off the alarm
    Shower before or after breakfast? before. I try not to eat until I get to work.
    Shampoo? Nioxin
    Conditioner? Nioxin
    Soap? dove
    Average time in shower? 5 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: mint? I don’t know
    Hair routine: leave the conditioner in and put back on my swim cap for a little deep conditioning on my drive home.
    Breakfast? oatmeal with raisins or craisins.


  5. Brad Said on:

    Wake-up time: 4:15
    First thing you do: put on robe and slippers
    Shower before or after breakfast? before
    Shampoo? Head and Shoulders
    Conditioner? none
    Soap? Dove Sensitive Skin (my skin gets its feelings hurt easliy)
    Average time in shower? 6 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: Biotene
    Hair routine: pull out any ear hairs I can see in the mirror
    Breakfast? Carnation, Carnation, Carnation


  6. Karla Said on:

    Wake-up time: 5:00
    First thing you do: hit snooze. Then pee, get coffee and check my phone.
    Shower before or after breakfast: Before
    Shampoo: Sauve something or other
    Conditioner: The matching variety of Sauve
    Soap: Bath and Body Works shower gel
    Average time in shower: pushing 15 minutes
    Toothpaste: Crest mint and whitening
    Hair routine: Squirt some Bed Head stuff in it, then dry with a round brush, curl it (though you probably would never know), then douse with hairspray.
    Breakfast: A bowl of cereal at some point, whenever I get a minute.


  7. Rae Said on:

    Wake-up time: about 4:50
    First thing you do:
    Shower before or after breakfast?
    Average time in shower?
    Toothpaste flavor:
    Hair routine:


  8. Rae Said on:

    Something happened before -- I didn’t submit, but it submitted. 🙁
    Wake-up time: about 4:50
    First thing you do: brush teeth
    Shower before or after breakfast? Before
    Shampoo? Yes 🙂
    Conditioner? Yes 🙂
    Soap? Yes, what’s the purpose without it? 🙂
    Average time in shower? 20 min
    Toothpaste flavor: Armen Hammer Baking Soda/ Peroxide
    Hair routine: wash, towel, stay in towel, blow dry, fasten back away from face
    Breakfast? Out the door to Picasso’s coffee house, something to eat in briefcase. NOW I am ready to submit.


  9. Peggy Said on:

    Wake-up time: 5:35; get out of bed time: 5:45-5:55
    First thing you do: curse about having to get up
    Shower before or after breakfast? before
    Shampoo? whatever is on sale & a pretty color
    Conditioner? whatever is on sale & matches the shampoo
    Soap? Aveeno, fragrance free body wash
    Average time in shower? 10 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: Cologate Total
    Hair routine: leave in towel while I drink my breakfast & watch TV;
    then dry with a blow dryer; try to fix; curse; pull back
    in a ponytail & forget about it
    Breakfast? Instant Breakfast, Rich Milk Chocolate-with a straw


  10. Lloyd Said on:

    Wake-up time: 5:40
    First thing you do: tinkle
    Shower before or after breakfast? before breakfast
    Shampoo? That cheap stuff from the Wal*Marts
    Conditioner? nope
    Soap? Irish Spring
    Average time in shower? 15 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: Cinnamon
    Hair routine: strategic shaving of beard
    Breakfast? 1 peach, 1 plum & 1 string cheese


  11. Mark Said on:

    Wake-up time: 2:12, 3:47, 4:14; 5:31; 6:20
    First thing you do: Either pat boy’s back or change his diaper -- it depends on the time
    Shower before or after breakfast? Breakfast? What’s ‘breakfast’?
    Shampoo? Suave for Men
    Conditioner? it’s in the Suave for Men
    Soap? Irish Spring
    Average time in shower? 15 minutes, if I don’t fall asleep
    Toothpaste flavor: Right now, spearmint gel
    Hair routine: Shave in the shower; Towel dry hair, a bit of gel, brush
    Breakfast? Again, what is this ‘breakfast’ thing of which you speak?


  12. Kristi Said on:

    Wake-up time: 6:35
    First thing you do: Roll over and go back to sleep.
    Shower before or after breakfast? Before.
    Shampoo? hydrating tea tree mint. No, I don’t know if it tastes like mint.
    Conditioner? in the shampoo
    Soap? Equate body wash, nothing special.
    Average time in shower? 10 minutes
    Toothpaste flavor: Crest regular
    Hair routine: wash, dry, go
    Breakfast? cereal, muffins, fruit


  13. Curt Said on:

    Wake-up time: Sometimes 6, 6:30, 7:30, 8:00 or whenever, goal is 6:30 but fail 99% of the time
    First thing you do: Turn off alarm clock then squink to read time
    Shower before or after breakfast? After
    Shampoo? Cheapest I can find at Walmart. I think it is Suave
    Conditioner? None unless it is included with shampoo
    Soap? Irish Spring mostly
    Average time in shower? 10 min (I also shut water off and on)
    Toothpaste flavor: cool mint Aquafresh for sensitive teeth
    Hair routine: clip nose hairs when I think of it
    Breakfast? usually cereal, otherwise any food I can find


  14. Curt Said on:

    I don’t get why yall take a shower before you eat breakfast. What if you are get food all over yourself?

    I am like you Lauren, I shut the water off in the middle of my showers too.


    • Peggy Said on:

      I can’t speak for others, but after I finally get up, I stumble into the bathroom with only one eye open & get in the shower. It wakes me up. Otherwise I would fall back asleep in my breakfast…and drown.


  15. Lauren's mom Said on:

    Ha! 4:15, 4:50, 5:15, 5:40?
    I remember those days! However, being sort of retired is great!
    Wake up at 6:45 or 7:15. No alarm clock. Make coffee… Drink a cup, maybe two before you even think about a shower, etc.
    Breakfast? Maybe at 9:00 or 9:30.
    Sorry. I didn’t mean to gloat….


  16. Annette Said on:

    Good heavens people! What time do you go to bed?


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